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Q:   How long does design take?

A:   Asking how long something like a corporate identity will take to develop is like asking someone how long does it take to get to Cape Town - are you walking, driving, going by train etc.

Q:   How do we charge?

A:   We use a custom written programme where we log time and all feedback from client. At any point, we can call up the time spent on the job and advise accordingly.

Q:   What if something has been designed that I am not happy with?

A:   Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, with design being no exception. Advertising is a journey, and we’re with you for the ride, so we will continue until you're happy.

Q:   Can I edit the design artwork in Word?

A:    In short, No!  We use the Adobe Suite of In Design / Illustrator and Photoshop, none of which are editable in Word.


Q:   Can we print from Word?

A:   To print anything crisply, the source artwork needs to be a minimum of 300dpi at the physical print size. Word, as with any Microsoft Programmes has a resolution of 72dpi. Even if a logo or image was high res originally, when it is put into Word, the resolution is crunched to 72dpi, so yes, we can print from Word, but the qaulity will be no-where near what it should be.

Q:   What is vector artwork?

A:   Instead of a logo or image being made up of dots or pixels, a vector image is made of lines and the image can therefore be blown up to a rugby field or larger with no loss in clarity. A non-vector image on the other hand is made of dots which when blown up become more and more spaced apart, and the image therefore pixelates. It is not possible for all artwork to be vector due to shading, non-solid colours etc, but when printing large items like billboards etc, where possible vector artwork is first prize.

Q:   What is repro artwork?

A:   Repro artwork basically means that artwork is in the correct format to be able to print. Depending on the print process, there are a number of different formats to take into account.

Q:    Why do colours Vary with different printed items?

A:    Due to varying print processes like litho CMYK, litho spot colour, large format CMYK  or RBG, digital print, silkscreen, die sublimation etc, there will always be an unavoidable variance in colour.


Q:   Why do signage quotes vary so much?

A:   A question we love answering!  We have a full choice of materials that range in lifespan from weeks to 10 years and everything in between. We urge clients to specify what lifespan they require. Quality materials do cost more money, so we urge clients to ask what materials are being quoted on if calling for comparatives.

Q:   Wraps?

A:    A vehicle wrap is one key signage element where it is not worth using the incorrect materials. Aggressive curves on things like bumpers, body indents etc require a 'cast' vinyl to be used. A cheaper material is often used to cut down on cost, but in the long run will lift especially on these areas.  Once it lifts and dust and dirt enters, it will be too late.

Q:   Why does vinyl sometimes bubble?

A:   Vinyls are breathable substrates, and due to them being applied with soap and water, the soap and water must be able to escape somehow - this is the cause of the little bubbles. Give the item a few days in the sun, and majority of the time the bubbles will disappear. If they don't, pop back and we’ll apply more aggressive heat.

Q:   Can I use a Car wash if I have a branded car?

A:   Whilst it is possible, we strongly advise against this.  If the jet of water hits the decal or vinyl at the wrong angle, it can rip it or completely remove it.


Q:   What's the best type of advertising?

A:   There's no single simple answer to this.  That is the reason for developing a strategy to market a product or service to a potential consumer. In developing the strategy, budgetary constraints are part of the process of deciding upon the best method of marketing to reach an audience.

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